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Pink Evolution a well-known Korean makeup gallery and Pink herself , the chief makeup expert , has always been bringing new makeup and beauty techniques and trends into Hong Kong . Pink Evo. offers makeup and beauty services and advice for brands and individuals in Hong Kong and throughout Asia Pacific.
知名化妝師Pink曾遠赴南韓攻讀化妝課程,回港後開設首間Pink Evolution韓式化妝學校,學生至今已超過5千人,被外界稱她為韓妝達人,同時開設及主理網上購物平台 及 擔仼電視、雜誌客席品牌形象顧問。

我哋嘅化妝班課程 Pricing:


一對一課程. 2小時 ( 1 on 1 private workshop , 2 hrs) HK$2640
一對一課程. 3小時 ( 1 on 1 private workshop , 3 hrs) HK$3840
私人小組課程4小時,最多3人 ( Small Group private workshop , up to 3 ppl)HK$5520

上課地點 Venue:
中環士丹利街28號 , 28 Stanley Street. Central