SAMPAR The Impossible Synergy Mask 5pcs | 生物胎盤素回彈面膜 5片 (Est.5天發貨)

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Bio-Tech Moisturising & Antioxidant
 ZERO manufacturing date! Double moisture system which is a combination of vitamin

oil and moisture.

 Main ingredient of vitamin oil! Vitamin 10 SOME

 The secret of glowing skin! Fucocert ® ingredient gives moisture effect for a long time!

 Contains BIO-PLACENTA which is excellent in anti-oxidation effect, anti-aging and


 Biomimetic water which is a motif of tears and it’s made based on biomimetic


 Double fit sheet which is very comfortable on skin!

- 使用前將精華及維他命複合油即時混和於面膜中,令活性成份充份發揮效益,產生協同作用

- 全方位改善肌膚問題,結合抗氧化、緊緻、深層滋養、鎖水、 修復、舒敏、提亮及抗皺八大功能

- 天然面膜由纖維素組成,具有高粘附性,超柔軟滑,對肌膚無刺激性