SAMPAR Oils in One | 多元透明質酸精華油

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1st hydration corrector rare face oil* with hyaluronic acid.

8 precious Oils’ benefits combined with Hyaluronic acid power in One and only rare oil!

The new beauty formula that combines for the first time the power of hyaluronic acid microspheres with 8 rare oils in a lush formula enriched with over 93% of natural active ingredients for a moisturizing, plumping and nourishing action.

Composed in 2 parts, this double-step sleeping mask contains:
1. A rose petal gel-essence mask that helps to shrink pores and provides intense moisture.
2. A creamy mask enriched with the Elastic Band Complex that locks moisture in and improves skin's elasticity.

After this double mask layering, your skin is left nourished and full of comfort, and the actives ingredients helps to keep your skin tight and firm.

利用先進科技將透明質酸轉化成親脂性微球,並揉合 8種珍貴植物油,同時具備8大修護功效︰修護、滋養、舒緩鎮靜、抗皺、緊緻、收細毛孔、飽滿、亮澤