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01 Long Lash Curling (纖長伸展睫毛液) - Create strong eyelashes as if having extended each lash

03 Clear-Set Curling (自然簡捷睫毛液) - Clear eyelash expression all the way to the end of the roots by cleanly coating each lash


  • LIFT AND LENGTHEN YOUR LASHES The perfect everyday mascara. Our mascara separates and lengthens every lash, creating a full-fan effect. It’s like getting an eyelash extension, without the extensions!
  • BEAUTIFUL, STRONG CURLS Our mascara creates super-curls that’ll stay curled throughout the day. Our Strong Curve System technology builds and holds curls by sealing the coat with a powerful layer of gel.
  • ZERO SMUDGE OR SMEAR Our long-wearing, waterproof formula won’t smudge or smear.
  • CLUMP FREE FORMULA Our mascara will coat each and every strand of your eyelashes without clumping. Build up volume using multiple coats.
  • EFFORTLESS APPLICATION Our conveniently-designed wand makes it easy to grab your eyelashes closer to the root and boost its length like no other product.