( Pre Order 需等 14 天 ) Peripera 閃耀眼影液 01粉紅/03米色

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Color #1 Pink Melody - Contains silver and opal sparkles which are suitable for the cool tone makeup.

Color #3 Kitten Beige - Has a beige color that matches well with any makeup.


  • SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND Highlight your look by adding shimmer to your eyes. Bring depth and dimension to a whole new level.
  • WATER BASE The smooth and lightweight formula is water-based, so it glides on effortlessly on your lids. Create your own color palettes by blending and layering on colors.
  • HIGH-DENSITY PEARLS AND GLITTER The perfect balance of pearls and glitters will create a brilliant luster on your eyes.
  • GORGEOUS SHADES Try all of our warm and rich shades. You’ll catch a glimpse of that soft and glistening shine throughout the day.
  • SMEAR PROOF Lasts all day with vibrancy. One swipe and your good to go. Zero creasing, zero fallout.