PERIPERA 繽紛糖果閃耀可人亮片液 亮片波浪/蘇打薄片/璀璨陽光

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Color 01 Glitter Wave 亮片波浪 - Holographic opal glitter

Color 02 Sodapop Flakes 蘇打薄片 - Holographic pink glitter

Color 03 - Beaming Sunny-light 液璀璨陽光 - Sunny coral glitter


  • The sparkly gel-like formula contains 65% moisture for airy adherence, providing a long-lasting, clean finish
  • Adds shine and luster to your eye makeup without fallout
  • May be used on the eyelids, nails, and even lips
  • Consists of a slim applicator for precise application
  • Ideal those who want to apply shimmering glitter without the mess